LAWN CARE & Landscaping services 

for customers who demand perfection

Offering professional services for customers who demand perfection.


Residential & Commercial

Residential & Commercial

Complete Seasonal and Week to Week Lawn Maintenance

Bed Cleaning and Mulching

Hedge and Shrub Trimming

Spri​ng and Fall Clean-up

Gutter Cleaning

Lawn Care

Week to week and annual programs are available for grass cutting, trimming, and edging. Cleanup at job completion is always included. 

Bed Cleaning & Mulching

Maintenance packages for weeding beds and one time cleanings are available. Mulching includes removal of old  mulch, weed removal and treatment with Preen prior to installation of fresh mulch.

Hedge & Shrub Trimming

Whatever type of hedge or bush, we'll ensure it stays in great condition and provides a superb enhancement to your garden. 

Spring & Fall Cleanup

Our clean-up process includes removal of all leaves, branches and other debris that has accumulated around your property. Add grass cutting and mulching for the total package.

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Tree Pruning

Removing dead wood and trimming back branches to prevent breakage is a cost effective way to improve the look of your property and promoting healthy growth.

What our customers are saying

Great customer service and they did an excellent job on our property with great attention to detail. The price is very reasonable and I'd definitely recommend them for any job.

Kelly R. West Seneca NY

What our customers are saying

You guys did a great job, thanks so much!!

Kathy O. Buffalo NY

Thank you for everything, you guys are doing a wonderful job!

Kim L. Lancaster NY

What our customers are saying

They did a great job and were willing to work with me. I was planning on moving and didn't know how long I would need their services.

Tim said it was fine and he would work with me. They did a great job, were professional and promptly returned any inquiries.

Craig G. Clarence

What our customers are saying

My place looks awesome, its hard to not be able to do the things I'm used to doing. I appreciate your hard work.
Mark B. Lancaster NY

"Tim and his crew do great work, thank you for a job well done this season!"

Rose S. East Amherst